How We Can Help Your Organisation

Our team of developers and advisers are there to help improve your organisation’s website accessibility. Based in the Cloud, Recite is quick and easy to implement and works across all devices. Put simply our web accessibility software solution transforms the accessibility of your website by adding one line of code to your website. The implementation of our solution is simple, fast and effective. Visitors to your website then have a full-range of customisable options available to them at one click of the Recite Me button. With our integrated statistics tool we can tell you how many of your web visitors have used Recite and how long they have spent on each of your pages. 

We offer a range of one to three year subscription packages to meet your web accessibility needs. Contact us today for an introductory session and product demonstration. 

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We Are An Inclusive Employer

Inclusive Employers logoOur people are our business which is why we are proud to be members of Inclusive Employers. We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace, maximising the potential of all employees and leading the way in breaking barriers and building success!