UK Disability Recruitment

UK Disability Recruitment Infographic stats The UK Disability Employment Gap*  There are more than 12 million people living with disabilities in the UK 79% of disabled people do not have a job  The employment rate for people with disabilities lags well behind the employment rate across the wider population  This disability employment gap is around 30% or just over 2 million people Disability Confidence in the UK Workplace** 75% of disabled people find their condition has an impact on job hunting 53% find the application stage challenging 54% find hurdles at multiple stages of the recruitment process 28% find online assessments challenging These figures are concerning, but they do show improvements from previous surveys. This is likely due to the increased use of accessible digital technology in hiring, which is making recruitment processes more accessible for disabled people. Recite Me can make your website accessible for disabled jobseekers at the click of a button.